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[Toys] $160 Will Get You Sideshow’s Insane “Snake Plissken” Sixth Scale Figure!

Figures reports that, following their surprise announcement last week, Sideshow finally pulls the covers off their latest 1:6th scale action figure: SNAKE PLISSKEN.

Played by Kurt Russell in John Carpenter’s cult classic film Escape From New York, Snake Plissken is an 80’s action hero many collectors have been clamoring for in this scale. Sideshow’s 12-inch action figure features all of the anti-heroes trademark features, including full abdomen cobra tattoo, eye patch and clothing – muscle shirt and distressed leather jacket, urban camo pants, shin guards and combat boots.

The one-eyed warrior comes complete with an arsenal of modified firepower holstered at his side, toting the USPF-issued submachine gun with detachable silencer, scope and spare mags, his sidearm revolver with scope, and an array of throwing stars. Cigarette in hand, Snake is fully equipped with a radio and homing device – and just so there’s no funny business he’s shackled up with wrist time-clock and tracker. To complete the mission and ensure the survival of the human race, the “Exclusive Edition” will include an additional swap out hand with cassette tape containing the President’s top secret nuclear fusion information.

The Snake Plissken Sixth Scale Figure will be available for pre-order this Thursday October 24th. The regular and Exclusive editions will each be priced at $159.99, with installment payment plans available.



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