Green Band Trailer for Insanely Creepy ‘Here Comes the Devil’

  • mobstar67

    yeah i agree this qualifies as insanely creepy which is a step or two right above very creepy … good observation bloody disgusting.

  • EvilHead1981

    I really can’t get over the heavy use of colored filters. Something like this would’ve been, IMO, better looking using natural lighting and full color(showing the natural world in a creepy way through events, not artistic use of filters). Oh well. That being said, the poster’s fuckin brilliant. Looks like a uber throw-back to the 70s.

  • Pablo Delgadillo

    Fun fact: Laura Caro started her career in a mexican singing competition lol.

    Anyways this looks pretty cool! i cant wait!!

  • juice1701

    Ok this looks like one to add to the watch list. Doesn’t look as promising as Contracted or WER, but I’ll check it out.