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[13 Days Of Horror] Slender Man Returns In ‘The Nine Pages’

Mark Hadley’s indie hit, Slender: The Eight Pages, essentially created its own subgenre of horror. After playthroughs and reaction videos claimed the Internet, and specifically YouTube, for a couple months last summer, Slender Man became the go-to mythos in which a bevy of indie developers set their games.

I’ve played a few of them on our YouTube channel, including Haunted Memories, SlenderSpace and The Eight Pages’ “reimagining”, Slender: The Arrival, which will be coming to Steam later this month. Many are obvious copies that don’t add much to Hadley’s formula, but there have also been a few worthy additions to this new subgenre.

Slender: The Nine Pages is more of the former, as you wander about a labyrinthine series of hallways in search of pages — nine this time, in case you didn’t already pick that up — that have been scattered about the environment. Slender Man is behind you, always, biding his time and waiting for you to turn around so he can do what he does best.

You can watch me play The Nine Pages in the video below, but beware, watching it may cause you to lose whatever respect you might have for me. I might get caught by Slendy before my second page — not my proudest moment.

If you’d rather play the game yourself, you can get it here.

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