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Exclusive ‘Bad Behavior’ Clips Fight to Stay Alive

It’s Misery meets Adventures in Babysitting in the story of a teenage babysitter, trapped inside a suburban home, who is forced to go head-to-head with a psycho.

Arriving on video October 22 is Bad Behavior. Bloody Disgusting has landed two exclusive looks at the film starring Terminator icon Linda Hamilton, “E.R’s” Hallee Hirsh and Ted McGinley.

The nail-biting DVD Premiere stars Hallee Hirsh (TVs Grey’s Anatomy) as Zoe, a teenager hired for an overnight babysitting assignment from a seemingly perfect family. The only worry she has is avoiding the unwelcome advances of teen brothers Tyler and Jack. Things go awry when Zoe suddenly finds herself in a bathroom groggy and confused with only the two youngest kids with her. While Tyler tries to explain how they got in there, an intruder attempts to break the door in.

Soon Zoe discovers the “intruder” is Jack, who’s had a psychotic break. The kids decide to wait out the night in the bathroom, as they expect their parents back in a few hours. When that help never arrives, they plot and attempt another escape, only to further anger Jack in the process. Zoe begins to realize that nothing is as it seems in this house, and that she isn’t the first babysitter to learn this lesson.



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