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About the Clive Barker/Doug Bradley ‘Hellraiser’ News…

I received quite a few e-mails from readers over the weekend hoping to double and triple confirm the news that Clive Barker will be writing the remake to his Hellraiser for Dimension Films, and that Doug Bradley will once again suffer through the daily make-up application to transform into Pinhead.

The fact of the matter is, while Barker revealed the news on Facebook, there’s still an long, long road out of hell (pun intended).

Here’s the facts: Barker is writing a full screenplay for a pitch both Bob and Harvey Weinstein liked. Barker wants Bradley back in action, they said yes. This doesn’t guarantee that the movie gets made. In fact, it doesn’t even guarantee that they’ll use Barker’s script once completed.

This was doubled over by a post over on Bradley’s Facebook page, where is slams the breaks on such early speculation.

Hi everyone! Just arrived in Orlando for Spooky Empire, to be greeted by the news via Clive Barker’s Facebook that he is writing a new Hellraiser script and intends that I should play Pinhead again.

This is intriguing news, about which I know absolutely nothing,” he adds. “No one has contacted or spoken to me about returning. So until you hear from me to the contrary, assume that all rumors about me returning as Pinhead are only rumors.
Peace & Pain.


I believe Bradley is misreading the news broken by Barker as if he actually confirms Bradley is signed on. He’s actually wrong. Barker “told the Dimension team that in [his] opinion there could never be a Pinhead without Doug Bradley, and much to [his] delight Bob Weinstein agreed.

The Weinstein brothers are known for changing their mind, and spinning their wheels. They could have easily said this to entice Barker to pen the screenplay – with a bait and switch planned in the future. They could hate the completed script for all we know. Or, what if they can’t reach a financial agreement with Bradley to return?

While the news of Barker’s return is exciting, I think for all of us diehard fans we need to slow down, take a deep breath, and just pray that something good comes into fruition in the near future.

Don’t forget that Dimension has announced Amityville, Scanners and Halloween 3D how many times now? Where are those films?




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