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Sam Raimi Confirmed To Direct ‘Army of Darkness 2’!

When it comes to Sam Raimi, it wouldn’t have surprised me at all if he let a new up-and-comer get behind the camera for Army of Darkness 2. And while we’ve never doubted that he was going to direct the follow-up to his 1992 Evil Dead sequel, it’s nice to see some solid confirmation in writing.

Fede Alvarez, who directed this year’s Evil Dead remake, was asked on Twitter if he would be directing Army of Darkness 2. Alvarez, who is currently writing Evil Dead 2 with Rodo Sayagues, responded with confirmation that Raimi will be taking the helm! You can see the tweet below…

Just last week Bruce Campbell confirmed his involvement, which really makes it sound as if momentum is picking up.

The question that remains is as to which will come first, Evil Dead 2 or Army of Darkness 2 – and might we see the two franchises eventually collide?!

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  • Golic

    1st! I would MUCH rather see a sequel to the new one.

  • I would also prefer a sequel to Evil Dead 2013 first. I’m not against Army Of Darkness 2 or anything like that, but I’ve never been the biggest fan of Army Of Darkness. I know most ED fans will disagree, but Army Of Darkness is at the bottom of the list for ranking ED films. Not because I think it’s shit quality wise or anything like that, I just believe Evil Dead 2, the original, and this year’s film are much better when you compare and contrast.

    Glad to hear Raimi is directing, though.

  • c4darkmane

    Come on Mr.Raimi give Bruce a Film with a Budget he deserves! one last grind of the chainsaw! well if you wanna do more thats fine, but for me this has been a very long time coming.

    Hope it works out

  • djblack1313

    i hope we get the EVIL DEAD 2 movie first or at least sooner rather than later. and i know that Fede has inside knowledge of things but isn’t it a wiser/safer bet to wait until SAM RAIMI HIMSELF confirms this? it’s not really Fede’s news to confirm or deny.

  • ill_mindedd

    army of darkness has always been one of those films thats totally over rated to me. id much rather see EVIL DEAD 2.

    • horrorgasm

      I agree. Army of Darkness was just like a cartoon version of Evil Dead that I never understood why everyone thought was so hilarious. I don’t know, I’m just the kind of person that finds horror movies a lot funnier when they were supposed to be scary, but were unintentionally hilarious rather than ones like AOD which just try way too hard to be comedy on purpose. Don’t revoke my horror movie fan club card, bros!

  • horrorgasm

    The recent Bruce Campbell thing wasn’t a confirmation and this is even less of one. You guys are just hearing what you want to hear. Just like the last 10 times this happened.

  • 3nky

    Confirmé, super 😉

  • doomas10

    Yes! Army of darkness is so underrated! I can’t imagine what Raimi will do with today’s technology and finally more Bruce Campell!!!

    • horrorgasm

      Sure just like Night of the Living Dead is underrated. No one has heard of or likes that obscure stuff.

      • Josh

        He didn’t say that it was unheard of or underseen, merely that he thinks that it deserves more praise. While a lot of people like it, there are many many others, yourself included judging from your posts above (not to mention your absolute bullshit attitude) that don’t rate the film very highly at all and he merely disagrees with you.

      • doomas10


  • lovezoid

    Call it cartoony, but Army of Darkness had a hell of a lot of balls for what it tried to do at the time. The battle scenes in ‘The Two Towers’ owe a lot to low-budget prototypes in AOD, particularly the POV shots. Not to mention the gunpowder homage scene with Wormtongue and Saruman. There’s no way Peter Jackson wasn’t thinking of this film when he did LOTR, much like Braindead is directly informed by Evil Dead 2.

    And it has the best one-liners in the trilogy.

    “Yo…she-bitch…let’s go.”

  • Remember-Slithis

    Evil Dead will just be remade in 5 years so I would rather have what fans of Bruce and Army of Darkness want.A Sequel.Hopefully well written and more practical than CGI effects.Evil Dead 2 needs to be the same tone as the first.Yes Army is a Comedy/Sci-Fantasy,with Horror Elements.It’s not scary at all.But the One Liners are hilarious.The plot is outlandish but works.I’m happy that both are being made so I can’t bitch about a thing.

  • heilong79

    I dont really think the ED remake ht the mark, it missed out on the whole mythology side of things which truely made it suffer, AOD2 is defiantly something I would watch before an ED sequel.

  • Carietta_White

    Since we’re basing whole stories around Tweets, did you ever post a correction? to this piece?:

  • juice1701

    I thought Army of Darkness SUCKED!! Why waste a budget on another one. Evil Dead sequel should be the next film. That movie was definitely worth every penny. I thoroughly enjoyed it with the exception of what happened to the dog. And I would love to see another one. Only for this one bring like 10 or more people to the cabin for more fun. And leave the dog home.

  • caydenlewis

    OOOOOOO!!!! Yay I thought it was funny and would love to see a sequel not a remake (remakes suck)

  • Zhandro Macaroyo


  • Daniel Sahm

    I loved all the series of evil dead it’s looks great and also Sam raimi biggest fan that who helps his work of well done but I heard they need a more story but I could help I’m going to remastered a evil dead :the origins re created by Daniel Joseph Sahm just trust me I could help for Sam I been watch all of 4 series and I see why it’s a problem I will see my name on his work they will interview me someday I could tell it will be my first movie I remastered of don’t get me wrong about it have a heart to me please that’s all I ask

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