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[Halloween Treat] Incredible ‘Hellraiser’ Stained Glass Art!!

Have $8,000 just laying around? Have a way to get to Austin, Texas to pick up this art? Well, we have something perfect for you.

Created for Bernie Wrightson & Steve Niles’ “Something Spooky” at Guzu Gallery, Nicole Cantú created one of the greatest pieces of horror art of all time.

What she has for sale is “Lord of Leviathan”, a Hellraiser-inspired piece of art (sized 24″ x 36″) depicting Pinhead and the Lament Configuration box done up with stained glass in a light box.

It’s too delicate to ship, so you’ll have to pick it up. If you have $8,000 to drop, I dare you to bring a suitcase filled with singles, although you’ll burn in hell for that.



  • XrabbitX

    That is too much!!! lol

  • Darkness69

    Absolutely incredible – and it’s in 3D! *drool* I think I’d have murals like this on every window – who needs regular glass anyways? Pinhead on one, Freddy on the other…

  • SaturdayThe14th

    Truly amazing! I would love to see more.

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