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5 Upcoming Horror Sequels And Remakes! Will They Be Any Good?!

The past two weeks have been absolutely ripe with announcements for horror sequels and remakes, or at least suggestions of them. None of the projects are actually in production (a few are in development and we’re taking the word of creatives for the others), but they seem to be on the way! While the natural laws of Hollywood guarantee that at least one of these projects will die before cameras roll, I thought it would be fun to talk about the potential upsides (and downsides) of each film.

Note that I’m keeping this list only to projects we’ve gotten news about during the past month or so. So while the new Friday The 13th is very much on the way – we haven’t gotten an update on it in October so you won’t see it on this list. We’re going to be focussing on the titles you’ve seen splashed on this front page during this hallowed month.

Head below to see what they are and what our hopes are for them!


This sequel to Michael Dougherty’s cult classic (at only 5 years old) horror anthology was only announced last night but it’s brimming with promise. For one, it’s actually officially announced by its studio – which gives it a leg up on most of the projects on this list. It’s also incredibly fertile ground creatively speaking since it’s far harder for anthologies to paint themselves into a narrative corner. Our hero Sam has a whole world of carnage open to him! Also, Legendary has seen its clout and influence grow immeasurably in the years since the original Trick got shelved at Warner Bros. I’m imagining they can get their new partners at Universal to release it without all the fuss.


Ridley Scott has been talking this one up lately, and it seems as though they might have overcome some of their development hurdles with the most recent draft of Jack Paglen’s screenplay. As a fan of the first film, I’m hoping the further adventures of Shaw and David are equally visually striking (and hopefully make a bit more sense narratively). Scott still has to shoot Exodus, so this isn’t his next project. We’ll see what the temperature is on this project in 2014 or 2015 when pre-production gets underway (if it ever does – this is one of those sequels that could go either way in terms of actually happening).


It’s awesome news that Dimension has hired Clive Barker to write the screenplay for this, but we’re a long way from the finish line. The script still has to be written and approved, they still have to hire a director (I doubt they’ll let Barker direct it) and they still have to do Doug Bradley’s deal (that shouldn’t really be a problem). Dimension has a history of changing its mind in regard to its horror projects, but, by tapping the original voice of the series, at least this one is off to a comparatively creatively pure start.


Another Dimension project. Harvey Weinstein recently said that he’d been “begging” his brother Bob over at the company “to do the movie and just end it.” He then added, “we’ve milked that cow.” I agree with the last part. Scream 4 was actually better than Scream 3, but I can’t imagine where they’d go from here creatively. It seems to me like the perfect time for the Scream ethos was 1996-1997. Weinstein did concede that “Everyone lived in ‘Scream 4’,” which I suppose means we could finally see a good chunk of the original cast killed off, so that’s something. Still, We Craven is developing the “Scream” TV series for MTV. I’m not sure how eager he’ll be to dive into another movie.


Evil Dead remake director Fede Alvarez has stated that Sam Raimi plans to direct this sequel before Alvarez gets behind the cameras for Evil Dead 2 (apparently Raimi is busy at work on the script). Bruce Campbell has admitted that he’ll star. There’s no studio yet, but these guys don’t seem like the type to just make this stuff up (Campbell has been very circumspect in the past when it comes to talking sequels, so him opening up about it is something). Some fans have complained about seeing an older Ash in action, but I think it would only serve to underscore the humor in a good way. Army Of Darkness isn’t my favorite Evil Dead film, but I’m excited to see where they go with this and I’ll be first in line.




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