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Brian Yuzna Hopes ‘Society’ Sequel Gets VIP Treatment!

In an interview with Horror Channel UK, producer-director Brian Yuzna revealed that he’s been developing a sequel to his 1989 Society.

I am actively working on it,” he reveals. “Once again it is all about the financing.

My idea for a sequel is to have it take place in these super exclusive late night clubs that they have in Hollywood. Once you get in there is always a VIP room or a VVIP room that is off limits…

Clearly, financing is an issue when you have people like Stuart Gordon taking to Kickstarter. So, we’ll keep you updated with any positive developments.

In the first film that stars Billy Warlock, Connie Danese, Ben Slack, Evan Richards, and Patrice Jennings, 17 year-old Billy Whitney feels alienated from his upper-class Beverly Hills family. He hears a tape recording that seems to indicate that his entire family are having secret orgies. People appear dead one moment but are alive the next, while Billy’s girlfriend’s body appears to twist into abnormal positions. His parents insist that Billy is imagining everything and try to commit him to an institution. Billy slowly discovers the truth – that his parents and the people around him belong to a different breed of people, a secret in-bred society who are capable of melding and shifting their bodies…




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