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[TV] “The Walking Dead” Renewed For Season 5! They’re Even Keeping The Showrunner!

AMC has just renewed “The Walking Dead” for a 5th season, and with it the promise of a bunch of people wandering around for another year, arguing and dying. Funnily enough, they’re keeping current showrunner Scott Gimple in the mix, despite their habit of nixing whomever brings them increasing success. It’s kind of a no-brainer, considering that the season premiere drew 16 million viewers.

In fact, AMC even gets in on the joke in their press release. “We are very happy to make what has to be one of the most anti-climactic renewal announcements ever: ‘The Walking Dead’ is renewed for a fifth season,” said Charlie Collier, AMC president. “This is a show that has erased traditional distinctions between cable and broadcast. Its expanding base of passionate fans has grown every season, most recently – and most notably – with the season four premiere earlier this month, which broke viewership records for the series and became the biggest non-sports telecast in cable history. On behalf of the incredible team on both sides of the camera, thank you to the fans and here’s to more ‘Dead.’

Question – what’s the endgame for this series? Narratively, does the comic button things up? Or is it just a study of people wandering around until they die?



  • wildgator25

    According to Robert Kirkman, there is no end game. I can’t see this series going on forever though; there has to be some way to tie ends up (or finish things off, whatever). As for the comics, the zombie has moved so far into the background, it’s almost non-existent now. This is more about dominance and personal victory now. I think it is appealing in some aspects, but I would like to see Kirkman involve the actual dead a little more. It may be difficult at this point because the zombies haven’t been a threat for so very long.

    • kumarp

      At least your comment reminded me that I have a couple comics to catch up on. More zombies, less war among humans would be nice.

  • kumarp

    The comics just meander on and on, way past where the series is. I think Kirkman has said there is no endgame, nor will he provide any insights to the beginning of the epidemic. What an asshole!

  • RickGrimesRightHand

    “Or is it a study of people wandering around until they die?”- Not to get too depressing but in the grand scheme of things isn’t that what all movies and television are(especially in the horror genre)? As for the comics, it is still ongoing without an endgame in sight. There was a point when Kirkman had said the point of the series was to see how far a person could be pushed I.e. Rick and how he would react to all the atrocities but now Kirkman has been stating that the story wont end if/when Rick dies. I’m obviously still a big fan but I too would love to see the zombies become a bigger threat again (Kirkman has promised that will happen in both the show and comic). This season there has been a steady increase of walkers.

  • HorrorFancy

    Will season 5 then air at the same time as the TWD spin-off*? Be interesting if they had two shows going at the same time.

    *Unless I am incorrect.

  • carlos.filipe

    Well, thats funny, i ear people complayning about walking dead series being dull but apparently, from what i read the comics forgot the zombie for a bit? is that right? well its ‘a zombie world’ ppl will kill and argue and die. Can’t do much more than that, when people were excited about this tv series, what was exactly the expectations, it’s just a massive zombie movie… thats it, unless the zombies fight back like the ridiculous zombie movie, can’t remember which one, where the zombie decides to use the “brains” to get to the humans…
    If you’re expecting more than people geting killed by humans or zombies, then go watch true blood, there are no zombies there, and people rarely die.
    I say 5 more seasons.

    • wildgator25

      Survey says…. X ….. Zombies incoming to True Blood next season. Well, Zombie Vampires anyways. 😉

  • Darkness69

    I like the season so far – they just need to keep up with the zombies and as for season 5 – maybe move away from the prison? More scenes with Daryl too!

    • wildgator25

      Not you worry about them leaving the prison very soon, that’s going to happen. What you might not like is where they head to after the prison though….

      • djblack1313

        wildgator, tell us what you know! 🙂
        i have wanted them to move on from the prison too. do you know where they end up next? tell me! 🙂

        i’m enjoying this season overall. this most recent ep (where we learn who killed/burned the 2 bodies) i found very gripping. probably in large part because it focused a good amount of time on Melissa McBride’s Carol. she’s a phenomenal actress. i also loved Beth’s scenes too.

        and can we talk about Carol’s severe (not in a bad way) new way of dealing with life in that world? amazing. i like how we’ve really seen her go from meek, abused housewife/mother to….well you know.

        • huntermc

          I’ll be interested to see if when they leave the prison, if they take up another one of the story lines from the comic, or if they proceed in an entirely different direction.

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