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Developer Confirms Slasher Movie Inspired ‘Until Dawn’ Is Still On the Way

Of all the horror games I get emails asking for an update on, the teen slasher inspired horror title Until Dawn seems to be the one many of you are most curious of. A promising video game getting lost in development limbo isn’t an uncommon occurrence in this industry, so when one goes quiet for an extended period of time, it’s easy to add it to the list of canned horror games that grows every year. Thankfully, Until Dawn isn’t among them.

After receiving a few requests on the game’s status I decided to contact its developer, Supermassive Games, to see what’s up with the title. While I wasn’t able to get much information on its progress, Supermassive’s CEO and managing director Pete Samuels did confirm the game is still on the way and they’re “really pleased with the way it’s going,” and “there will be further news at some point regarding [a] release date.” Nothing to write home about, I know, but at the very least, we know it’s still incoming.

So there you go! Fret no more, dear reader, you’ll soon get your slasher fix!

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