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Limited Edition Smoker Joins The ‘Left 4 Dead’ Line Of Collectibles

He’s tall, slick and knows how to use his tongue in ways you can’t even imagine — the Smoker has joined Gaming Head’s official line of Left 4 Dead collectibles! The limited edition exclusive variant stands 15 inches tall and comes with a fire axe that can be embedded in his stand (apparently, one survivor had really poor aim). It can be all yours for $199.99, making this one of the pricier collectibles available. It’s a quality item that will be limited to just 350 pieces worldwide, with a release date of Q2 2014.

Valve’s Creative team used files from the game to ensure this is an entirely accurate representation of the guy, but feel free to see him from almost every angle in the gallery I have waiting for you after the jump to make sure he’s up to snuff.

If you’re interested in getting one of these for yourself — or a humble soul who writes about video games for a certain horror website (I’M TALKING ABOUT ME) — you can get it here.

Have a question? Feel free to ever-so-gently toss Adam an email, or follow him on Twitter and Bloody Disgusting.



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