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Techland’s Horror RPG ‘Hellraid’ Will Arrive Next Year

If you’re itching to battle Minotaurs and animated skeletons with enchanted weapons in a dark medieval setting, you’re going to have to be patient. Techland took to their blog today to confirm their horror RPG Hellraid has been delayed into 2014 to give the developer some time to polish it up a bit.

“The additional time will give us the chance to add new features and completely new game modes for single player and co-op that until now we haven’t had time to finish,” their post reads. “We also want to use this time to rethink a few things. Playtesting our game with fans and players who visited our office gave us a lot of fresh insight and new perspective on many aspects of the game.”

I’m glad they’re taking their time with it, even if I’m really looking forward to some visceral, old school hack-and-slash action that only the house of Dead Island can deliver.

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