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[TV] “666 Park Ave.” Writer Sells Supernatural Western, “Badlands”

David Wilcox is bulking up his drama output.

Through his double-blind deal at Warner Bros. TV, the writer/producer sold hour-long projects at both ABC and The CW, reports THR.

The latter is titled “Badlands,” and is being billed as a supernatural western about a ruthless family cursed by vengeful ghosts.

“Badlands” nabbed a script deal from the CW, with Wilcox on board to write and executive produce.

Wilcox has worked primarily in broadcast. He previously served as a consulting producer on Fox’s “The Following” and the creator/executive producer of ABC’s “666 Park Avenue”.



  • Tomaway

    CW don’t cancel the show(s) as often as the other networks. This means this show if happens will probably last a while. That’s good news, 666 Avenue was a good show, I am sad that it canceled.

    • Paul

      That’s what I thought, I spent a whole day a while back watching every episode back to back, i was disapointed to see it was cancelled.

  • WolfQueen

    A supernatural show that’s also a western? I’m in!

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