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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! What Are You Playing?

For many of us, Halloween is finally here. For me, this means I’ll be playing some horror video games. This is unlike most other days, where I play horror video games.

I think I’ll split my time between Amnesia: The Dark Descent, which is always a great game to play this time of year, and Nazi Zombie Army 2, which arrives on Steam later today. I’ll definitely need to fit in my annual viewing of Trick ‘r Treat — especially now that we’re getting a sequel — but for the most part, today will be about video games.

How about you? What have you been playing this week and if you plan on playing something today, what will it be? Maybe you’re not playing anything, maybe you have a life and you’ll be spending it partying it up. Or maybe you would rather watch a movie, get caught up on your favorite TV show, or even go trick or treating — whatever it is, share it here!

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