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‘The Conjuring’ Producer Discovers Supernatural Activity In ‘The Atticus Institute’

French studio SND has come on board The Atticus Institute, a high-concept supernatural thriller produced by Peter Safran, whose credits include The Conjuring, Variety reports.

Penned by Buried scribe, Chris Sparling, the 1976-set Atticusrevolves around a parapsychology lab which uncovered the supernatural abilities of Judith Winstead, a patient possessed with dark forces. The Atticus Institute discovery prompted the U.S. military to intervene and take control of the facility in order to weaponize Winstead’s evil forces.

Pic stars Rya Kihlstedt (Deep Impact), Aaron Craven (The Day the Earth Stood Still), William Mapother (pictured above, The Grudge, “Lost”) and Laurent Rubin.

Long synopsis below…

During the late 1970s, hundreds of cases of psi-related phenomena – E.S.P., clairvoyance, psychokinesis, etc. – were studied at The Atticus Institute, a small psychology lab founded by Dr. Henry West. After publishing numerous journal articles highlighting the promising results of their work, Dr. West and his fellow researchers were introduced to an unusual middle-age woman named Judith Winstead, whose supernatural abilities tested far beyond any subject they had ever before witnessed. However, it soon became clear that Judith’s abilities were different in ways they could never have anticipated.

Upon learning of Judith, officials from the U.S. Department of Defense were dispatched to The Atticus Institute to observe her, wherein they determined, after strict scientific study, that her physical body was under the control of an unknown malevolent force, thus granting her enormous and nearly unlimited power. This was, and to this day remains, the only government-confirmed case of possession.




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