[Halloween Treat] You Might Like Tide's 'Carrie' Vine As Much As The Remake! - Bloody Disgusting!

[Halloween Treat] You Might Like Tide’s ‘Carrie’ Vine As Much As The Remake!


I know a few of the Halloween Treats today are oddly corporately synergistic. We’re not getting paid for this, it’s just that a few companies have stood up to the bat with their product pimping. I’m not encouraging you to buy Tide or anything like that (I use some weird hippie detergent), but I am encouraging you to spend a few seconds with their Halloween Vines if you’re killing time while your significant other is perfecting his/her costume.

They cover The Shining, The Ring, Poltergeist, Psycho and Carrie. The latter is pretty great!

Check ’em out below!