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Capcom Hopes To Sell 1.2 Million Copies Of ‘Dead Rising 3’ By March 31, 2014

After a string of disappointments — Resident Evil 6, DmC: Devil May Cry, Resident Evil: Revelations, Lost Planet 3 — Capcom has high hopes for their Xbox One launch title, Dead Rising 3. The publisher released their second quarter financial report, which managed to improve over the previous quarter by 20 percent. Not bad. Capcom also revealed their sales target for the next-gen zombie bash ’em up, which they’re expecting to sell 1.2 million units between November 22 and March 31, 2014.

With the exception of a poorly optimized Gamescom build and an unfortunate comment regarding Call of Duty, Dead Rising 3 has some great buzz surrounding it. It’s gorgeous, improves over its predecessors in really neat way and it manages to take on a grittier, more realistic art style without sacrificing the series’ trademark zaniness.

I hope it performs well, because the game looks great. Anyone here planning on grabbing a copy?

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  • Pav

    Capcom has always HIGH HOPES no matter how crappy game they released…

  • Polsdofer

    I absolutely plan on picking up a a copy of Dead Rising 3, have to get an Xbox One first. I don’t know if i would be this excited for Xbox One if the game wasn’t coming out for it.

  • Kainrich

    DR3 looks like more of the same to me, not matter how open and beautiful it is. I enjoyed the previous games, but honestly when it comes to zombie survival I’ve moved onto, and fell in love with, other titles.

    • Kainrich

      …and I certainly wouldn’t buy next gen on day one for it 😉

      • DreamWave

        I fell in love with ZombiU. It may not be great, but it’s true survival horror and it offers NEW ways to experience the first person genre via the gamepad’s screen aka 2nd window into the gaming world. Still, wii remote pointer controls should of been added as a alternate control scheme. Aiming with twin sticks is absolutely god awful, clunky, robotic and archiac.

  • pyrepunk

    Sorry I’m not getting an Xbox One just to play I would have figured they wouldn’t have made it an exclusive since we saw 2 on PlayStation but it doesn’t look good enough for me to bother…even though I would probably get it if it was coming out on PlayStation…. 🙁

  • DarrelDreadful

    See, this sucks for me because I still don’t plan on getting the Xbox One unfortunately, at least not before I get the PS4, but I REALLY want this game 🙁

  • Iceghoul

    I’ll be buying it along with my Day One edition console. Regardless of power differences or anything else it is hard to deny that Microsoft has the more compelling exclusives at launch and so far through summer 2014 with Titanfall. I expect Capcom will meet this number pretty easily considering the limited number of titles available on each console and so far as third party games go this is probably the most meaningful exclusive at launch.

  • DreamWave

    Looks like more of the same crap to me with a new next gen lick of visual paint. what a snore. Not a single ounce of innovation in sight. But capcom’s baking on the ‘Zombie Brand’ and the fact that dead rising has a pretty decent reputation…sort of. They don’t seem like they’re in it for he passion anymore, but just to make a quick buck. Capcom used to be amazing in the 80’s, 90’s and even the early 2000’s with a few hits along the way(Mega Man 9, Zack & Wiki ect) but they’re sell outs these days out sourcing and selling out their key franchises to the tweeny bopper call of duty croud. Won’t be getting a ‘one’ or PS4 either, so real loss for me. 😛

    No wonder Inafune left the company, here’s hoping Mighty No.9 lives up to the mega man name!

  • DreamWave

    Also, whatever happened to POWER STONE?….Viewtiful Joe is another, Ghost ‘n goblins has been dead for years and Mega man for some insane reason(They don’t need Keiji to make a new one…) has been completely abandoned….Konami is just as bad these days though. 😉

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