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‘Contagion’ Is A Zombie Fan’s Dream Game

In the indie horror game Contagion, you’re tasked with teaming up with your friends to survive a zombie outbreak. Sounds familiar, I know, but this game is good. It strives for realism, and that means you can’t take many hits, there’s no on-screen reticle and all resources are precious, whether that’s health — an extremely rare item — ammunition, or other goodies.

It’s in beta now on Steam, so I decided to team up with a friend to see how long we can survive. Watch us play it after the break!

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  • Skullbone

    Hey Adam,

    Did you ever pick the winners for the Halloween contest?

    • Adam Dodd

      Yeah, they’ve all been notified. I’m just waiting for some to get back to me, otherwise I’ll have new winners to message. 🙂

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