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Trailer Premiere Will Make You ‘Run Like Hell’

From Two Guys Films comes the trailer for Run Like Hell, which marks the directorial debut of co-owner James Thomas. Get the plot crunch right here right now.

The film centers on Luke, Maggie, Dan, and Sam, two young married couples in the middle of a cross-­country road trip, when they are sidetracked in the desert town of Spaulding. Their car is stolen, prompting them to be taken in by local residents Harold and Nancy. What starts as a place to rest their heads and regroup turns into a fight for their lives, utilizing any and all attempts to Run Like Hell.

“Run Like Hell is an action-packed horror film that will make you question taking that next road trip. The film shows the gritty side of humanity and has an eerie realism to it that makes you wonder if this type of thing actually happens. An interesting point we make in the film is that horrifying things don’t only happen at night or when no one is looking. They can be happening all around us, at any moment. Sometimes people we would call normal can even do them. And that is what makes them frightening.” – James Thomas, director



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