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‘They Will Outlive Us All’ In Creature Feature Horror Comedy

The premise of the upcoming horror comedy They Will Outlive Us All touches on how cockroaches will outlive us all.

Directed by Patrick Shearer, written by Jessi Gotta, and stars Gotta, Nat Cassidy, Alyssa Simon, Gavin Starr Kendall, and Stephanie Cox-Williams, we now have the film’s first trailer.

New York City. 2016. In the years since Hurricane Sandy, the city has been brought to its knees by a series of ‘Frankenstorms.’ As hurricane season hits yet again, New York braces itself for the oncoming wave of destruction. Roommates Margot and Daniel attempt to survive this ‘new’ New York by avoiding it at all costs. But with the advent of three strange deaths in their Brooklyn building, the world they’ve been hiding from is knocking hard on the back door. They soon discover that the salad days of getting drunk and watching horror movies are behind them because they have a new roommate, and he’s got a real bug up his ass.



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