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“Rex’d — Book One: Werewolves of Scholomance” Halloween Spectacular!



Curiosity Quills Press has just finalized contracts with noir author Jon Bassoff (“Corrosion”) and screenwriter Jack Reher (Endangered Species (Red Machine)) to publish their upcoming Halloween thriller, “Rex’d Book One: Werewolves of Scholomance”, Bloody Disgusting exclusively can report.

The novel, upper Middle Grade and a ton of action-packed fun, is due out Spring 2014 in e-book and paperback form.

The novel is the first of a new series about teenage protagonist Rex, who quickly realizes that his life in a new town brings far more than the normal adjustment problems. As Halloween approaches—the first for Rex and his father since the horrific accident that claimed his mother’s life—he goes on a journey of self-discovery, and learns of the extraordinary events that led him to this sleepy town along the way. With astonishing powers and unasked-for responsibilities, Rex encounters the supernatural in ways he couldn’t have dreamed of. Only one thing is for certain; this particular Hallows Eve has much more in store for him than the usual tricks and treats.

[I’m] beyond excited for Bassoff to be breathing life into this world and helping me kill some more monsters along the way. I think audiences of all ages will dig Rex’d and will appreciate the fun & clever horror that awaits this series,” said Screenwriter Jack Reher.

Says Curiosity Quills Press CEO and co-founder Lisa Gus, “When it comes to our entertainment choices, we are a very demanding culture these days. I am excited to see Rex’d finding its niche in both a purely textual and visual mediums, and eager to continue our collaboration with Nicholas Bogner and his talented team.

Curiosity Quills launched in 2011 by writers, for writers, presenting uniformly top-notch quality, tastefully curated, hard-hitting storylines. We know it’s hard to stand out from the crowd when it’s millions large, but Curiosity Quills Press helps level the playing field through its members’ innovative social media approach, a transparent culture, and a deeply passionate team.


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