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[TV] BREAKING: “American Horror Story” Officially Renewed For Fourth Season!

FX announced this Wednesday that they have renewed “American Horror Story” for a fourth season.

The horror anthology series from Glee co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk has taken on the sub genre of haunted houses, asylums and now witches.

Season 4, which is said to be Jessica Lange’s last, will have 13 episodes. They will air in October of 2014.

“American Horror Story: Coven” is currently airing every Wednesday on FX — and it’s must-see TV.



  • djblack1313

    no surprise but awesome news nonetheless! i’m loving this season a lot and can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeve next season. apparently season 4’s setting or storyline (or some major part of season 4) was Lange’s idea. so i can’t wait for that and also because Lange has made it clear season 4 will be her last.

    • dr.lamb

      Jessica Lange is the backbone of the show… I am so curious what she came up with !

    • weresmurf

      Personally I’m hoping she comes back for the final season whenever that is, and that it wraps up certain open elements from the first season (the satan child)and somehow, miraculously join them all together? (won’t likely happen lol)

      But who knows huh? Personally I’m loving this season, the trashiness of it, the way it flitters in and out of genres so eloquently, how Lange just commands every single scene she’s in with such grace and eloquence, how Kathy Bates just owns each of her scenes and I’m loving that there’s especially not one single weak link!

      • dr.lamb

        Let’s not forget Angela Bassett ! That woman is a powerhouse.

        • weresmurf

          Indeed! My bad! She’s so incredible as the voodoo queen! Creepy as hell yet so majestic 😀

          • dr.lamb

            That alligator throne… holy shit !

    • Fro$ty

      me too bud! I love this show, its prolly my favorite ever haha Really glad they are renewing this bad boy for season 4.

  • Taboo

    My heart dropped when I read BREAKING thinking that the rest would be something like “AHS Coven cancelled” LOL

    But I’m glad to hear it’s been renewed. This season is by far my favorite.

    • dr.lamb

      Best scene so far: Kathy Bates sees Obama on the TV, LMFAO !

      • sinjin_samhain

        OMG,that scene was priceless!I am thrilled that this got renewed and as others have already said,I,too,am curious to see what next season has in store ala Lange’s pretty little evil head!I turned my 80 year old dad onto this and we now eagerly await each episode together.I love all Lily Rabe’s characters and adore her and am thrilled with the inclusion of nods to Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac.

        • dr.lamb

          Rabe is brilliant too, of course. I had to look up the story about Stevie Nicks, what a fascinating piece of pop-trivia. Gotta listen to “Gypsy” right now !

      • weresmurf

        Oh christ I laughed *SO HARD*

  • Spike0037

    I will say that ether Kathy Bates or Angela Bassett will be coming to fill Lange’s shoes. Both are great actresses.

    • djblack1313

      Spike, i’d be so happy if either or both Bates/Bassett return for more seasons. in interviews, Bates has already firmly stated she’d love to be in as many seasons as Ryan Murphy will have her in. in the interview she also said (i never knew but LOVED) she’s been a huge lifelong HORROR MOVIE FAN!!! she goes on to say that she’s having a blast working on this show and that whenever Francis Conroy is on set shooting scenes, most of the cast (even those who aren’t shooting that day/that scene) will come just to watch her act. they’re all mesmerized with Conroy (i can relate, she’s amazing!).

      i’m very curious who’s being burned at the stake in tonight’s ep! and i can’t wait to see Cordelia go dark…VERY dark.

      • weresmurf

        Kathy Bates has been a favorite of mine ever since Misery, I absolutely adore every single role I see her in. She’s just easily one of the best actresses (actors?) working in… well…ever. She’s like the immortal, amazing Michael Jeter (rip), she becomes her role, it’s never ‘Hey its Kathy Bates!’ it’s ‘Wow… what a character who incidentally was played by Kathy Bates!’

        • djblack1313

          weresmurf, word for word i agree! Bates, Rabe and Conroy especially are 3 actresses/actors(! understand why you put “actors”) that completely become their characters. with (no offense to) people like Julia Roberts or Tom Hanks (both good actors in their own right) it’s always just Julia Roberts/Tom Hanks playing a role. they don’t become the role.

      • Spike0037

        I don’t think who will be burnt at the stake is we think it will be.

  • Milk

    Good. This season is really good. It’s a lot better than last season.

  • aka_scream

    I will be so sad to see Jessica Lange go…

  • Not surprised, but I’m glad it’s happening!

    I still can’t believe they killed of “You know who” in the coven (don’t want to spoil it for anyone, who hasn’t seen it)a few episodes back! She was my favorite character on the show! lol. I’m LOVING Coven so far, and I hoping this season doesn’t fall apart like Asylum did in Season 2.

    As long as Lange returns for one more run, AHS season 4 will be fine, and hopefully Bassett and Bates will come back for another run. And please, no found-footage theme for season 4….please!

    • HalloweenVic

      I knoww I hope she comes back alive tho somehow I feel there has to be more for her character!

      • “I feel there has to be more for her character!”

        Too true!

        We’ve already seen a few revivals, so she could be next (I’m thinking for revenge)in line. Although, I’ll admit it would be weird if she came back in a zombified form. lol.

  • HalloweenVic

    Great news! This season is amazing better then asylum! All the characters and cast just fit so perfectly! Jessica Lange and Angela basset are bad assets!!! I would like season 4 to kinda have the vibe and feel that the first season did!

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