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[AFM ’13] ‘Room 237’ Director To Mess With Your Sleep In ‘The Nightmare’

This sounds like the kind of thing I might not even watch. Not because it doesn’t sound good, it sounds great. I just don’t want to be even more afraid of my nightmares than I already am.

Content announced today that Room 237 director Rodney Ascher The Nightmare, “a disturbing investigation into the demonic visions experienced by victims of sleep paralysis and provoked by Ascher’s own unsettling experiences with the condition.

The Nightmare is produced by Preferred Film & TV‘s Ross M. Dinerstein (The Pact, Dark Summer) and Kevin Iwashina (Jiro Dreams Of Sushi) and Glen Zipper (Undefeated). The horror documentary is executive produced by Content’s Jamie Carmichael (The Pact, Black Book).

Room 237 was a mindf*ck even if I objectively disagreed with most of its theories, so imagine something much more subjective… like dreams. I’m scared to watch this thing already.



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