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Lady Gaga To Sing In Space In 2015: I Guess This Is How ‘Event Horizon’ Becomes Reality

Current pop queen Lady Gaga has announced that she will be performing a song (yes, one song) in space during the three-day Zero G Colony Music Festival in New Mexico. According to the source of this news (courtesy of US Weekly), the singer will need “…to do a month of vocal training because of the atmosphere,” and her whole entourage will be joining her. The source adds, “Gaga has taken out a ridiculous life insurance policy!

Okay, barring the fact that Chris Hadfield already did this, this is just a stupid, unnecessary publicity stunt. There’s nothing artistic about this endeavor nor does this bring the proper attention to the Virgin Galactic program. The space trips are meant to be something wondrous and awesome (proper usage intended), not a chance for Gaga to ignore the astonishing sights outside her window so that she can belt out a track for people who’d rather see her in person than on a screen.

Also, while her dressing strangely used to be cute and charming, it’s now been shoved off the edge into insanity. If some alien race were to come nearby and see this as a representation of our species, then I’m sure we’re 100% f*^ked. Can you imagine Gaga as some perverted, twisted form of Event Horizon‘s Dr. Weir? Yeah, I’ll just eject myself out of an airlock pronto, thank you very much.

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  • Robert Rosado

    Wow, you sound VERY pressed. If the girl wants to sing in outer space, just let her be. No one’s forcing you to watch it. She’s a global pop star, and is absolutely in the position to do this. I really don’t understand articles like this, relentlessly negative.

  • Kroork

    I agree, i don’t understand the anger. A lot of artists I hate do things I think are stupid. But it doesn’t make me mad. I just , don’t care.
    And as for this story specifically, I love gaga, I think singing in space is kinda stupid but to each their own. It doesn’t alter my life. 🙂

  • Taboo

    I must see this 🙂

  • d00dmuc

    He isn’t saying she shouldn’t do anything, just that it’s been done before. I don’t sense any anger from the article either just someone who probably doesn’t really care about another pop singer and sees through all the lady gaga bullshit.

  • Francesco


  • RubenVeritas

    I hope she stays up there. And please stop giving her attention on this web site.

  • lupe

    Please, no more Gaga posts

  • seems like the only justification this article was posted (on a horror) site was to make some lame, pandering crack with an “event horizon” reference and talk of aliens.

  • To-Mega-Therion

    She is everything bland/shallow/meaningless about humanity. She should not be mentioned on this site unless it relates to the horror of her burning up into nothingness on re-entry! now that would be a worth while read. Music should be a about talent. She should of been wiped on a tissue instead of placed in an egg! Please let he disappear along with boy bands / girl bands. Long live Rock and Horror!

  • Please don’t let her spoil horror yes she is fuckin’ ugly anyway she gets enough press as it as a whole. She can’t sing,dance or act to save her life.Why is she getting press on here anyway fuck off lady gaga you are shit.

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