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[AFM ’13] ‘The Bunnyman Massacre’ Art Ripped Off ‘You’re Next’

Check out some art for The Bunnyman Massacre, which clearly rips off Lionsgate’s You’re Next. Funny.

In this sequel to the successful 2011 film Bunnyman, the adventures of Joe and Bunnyman know no limit of bloodlust and carnage. Bodies pile up as Bunnyman indiscriminately slaughters anything that crosses his path in a mutually beneficial relationship that gives Joe plenty of beef jerky to sell in his local store.

Look for more on the Carl Lindbergh-directed film soon.



  • horrorking95

    Wow! That looks like a spin-off to You’re Next! Everything about it screams You’re Next, from the background colour, to the title typography, to the idea of an animal mask etc. Sounds like good fun though!

  • djblack1313

    i actually like both posters from both movies but yeah, this doesn’t even try to differentiate itself from YOU’RE NEXT (poster). the movie though sounds kinda interesting (even though i never heard of the first movie).

  • HalloweenVic

    Yea definitely a rip off to you’re next poster wise but I like this one a bit more the bunny mask looks creepy, never heard of the first film tho

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