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[BD Caption Contest] “The Walking Dead” Blu-ray Winner And Runners Up!!

Unfortunately there can only be one winner of the awesome “The Walking Dead” Season 3 Blu-ray Box we’re giving away courtesy of Zombified (check out their site – it’s cool). If you’re unfamiliar with the set, check it out in the video below.

The winning caption is celestialforthcoming. Please DM me your US mailing address.

The runners up are Lou (top) and TeddyX (bottom) respectively.


1. We pick a still from a movie. You head to the comments section and submit your best one-liners, zingers, pathos riddled couplets etc… In this week’s case you have to do is come up with a caption for the pic! It can be from the POV of one of the characters, or a comment on it as a whole!

2. You can enter as many times as you like and submit as many captions as you want, but each caption must be in a separate comment. Otherwise it will be too hard to tell where one caption ends and the other begins. Your entries can be posted anytime after the still is announced – just be sure to check that I haven’t announced that the contest is closed in the comments (you don’t want to submit your winning zinger after we’ve picked the winner). Also any racist, sexist, homophobic or generally hateful jokes will be disqualified. You don’t have to be insanely PC – just use your best judgement. Try and keep it brief! It has to fit on the photo now!

3. We pick the winner and announce them and their winning caption when the next photo in the contest is posted. We will address you by your BD Infected name. You can then DM me your US mailing address (no PO boxes) and I will send you your prize in a timely manner (i.e. you should have it in a couple of weeks). You must be a US resident to receive your prize!




    Thank you Mr D for the honerable mention.


    Also, congrats to celestialforthcoming

  • diapers

    I’m confused… There is no rant about how dumb the walking dead is.

    • djblack1313

      diapers, LOL!! right?! 🙂


    I am so disappoint, I thought that I had this in the bag. No honorable mention is salt in the wound.


  • Henry F.

    Aw sad my Army of Darkness reference wasn’t accepted. Oh well. I’m really surprised more people didn’t reference it though.

  • celestialforthcoming

    Thanks a lot you guys. I’m new here and I love this website. I am grateful for the prize. I’m wondering though, how you “DM” someone. so far I have sent Mr.Disgusting an email with my address in it. Is that enough? or do I have to do something else?

  • Lou

    Thanks for having these caption contests. They are always a lot of fun. Hope to see more in the future.

    Congrats Celestial!

  • DrJohnMan

    Hey! Give ’em a hand. In fact, give ’em Merle’s hand.

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