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Which Next-Gen Console Are You Buying?

The next generation is almost here! We’ve rounded up the launch titles for both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One and now I’d very much like to hear which one you plan on grabbing, if either. Feel free to vote for the console(s) you’re planning on picking up and if you’re feeling extra chatty I’d love to hear why you chose the console you did.

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  • Pav

    None of them. I’ll stay with my pc.

  • DreamWave

    Definitely not the One or PS4. The games look identicle to last gen and don’t appeal to me whatsoever(I owned both systems and barely touched them with a new lick of paint. it’s getting rather stale. It’s Wii U only for me + the 3DS.

  • DreamWave

    Whoops, typos’s 😛

    Definitely not the One or PS4. The games look identicle to the junk that was released on the PS3/XBOX 360 with a new lick of paint. it’s getting rather stale. It’s Wii U only for me + the 3DS.

    • Skratchy

      Someone just showed their age.

      • DreamWave

        29. Been gaming since the 80’s and you?

      • Adam Dodd

        Is this an age-off and I wasn’t invited? 25. BOOM. Where’s mah prize?

        • DreamWave

          He’s saying or implying that i just showed my age because i play nintendo games…I wouldn’t expect this type of close minded ‘living under a rock’ trash even from the talk-back(aka stinky high school interwebz locker room)in an IGN article. I guess i’m just as bad, the moment i think ‘call of duty, dead rising, gears of war and all of that overly viloent goop for all the kiddies to enjoy i can’t help but imagine tweenagers huddled in their room banging back a mountandew and muching on dorrito’s with a big grin on their face, trying to show their masculinity by wielding a big gun wielded but another stubble warrior on the virtual battlefead. Anyways! I found Dead rising to be a total bore, just not a fan of mindless hack & slashers.

        • Milk

          I’ve been gaming for 25 years. BOOM. I WANT A STICKER AND A COOKIE.

        • wildgator25

          Um, I think I got y’all beat. Been gaming for (gulp) 34 years. Back to the Pong days, rolling through the Atari 2600, into the Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Playstation, Sega Dreamcast, Xbox, Xbox 360, and next up PS4.

          Oh yeah, I got my old Xbox 1 (not One) modded and have a disc called “Big Ass Emulator Disc” 🙂
          Several old consoles and over 14,000 Roms! Talkin bout old school!

          • DreamWave

            Nice! I bow before thee! XD
            Would of been neat to have gotten the Atari 2600 at launch, my first console was the NES which was absolutely amazing(favorite console) with the Wii U being the latest. ZombiU is the coolest survival horror game to come out in some time, it’s a little rough around the edges and by no means is it great but dang, the wii U game pad innovation/screen based gameplay elements are just too awesome. I’d still rather wield the wii remote plus and use pointer controls though, those were just groundbreaking in metroid prime 3 for the wii. 😉

          • sinjin_samhain

            I’m 48 and have been gaming since rock and stick–I WIN,LOL!! XD

  • Chainsaw Graphics

    Neither,.. going with the Steam Machine once they are out. (as everyone should, and stop giving money to Microsoft and Sony for stuff you can get for free)

    • lilmarkuk

      get with it lol its only Microsoft that makes people buy gold memebership to use free services like facebook, youtube, catchup tv etc etc

      these are all free on sonys consoles and always will be

      you even need gold membership on xbox to download the Netflix app :/

      • Aborted

        Not like you have to pay $50 a year for PS Plus or anything.

  • SlothyPunk

    I’ll most likely be picking up a PS4 around Jan or Feb next year. I really dug the PS exclusives this gen.

    I’ll probably end up with both though, depending on how many great Xbox exclusives there end up being.

  • ThunderDragoon

    PS4, Wii U, and PC. Don’t know WHEN I’ll be getting them, but I will lol. I might pick up an Xbox One a year or two down the line once they’ve got some exclusives that I really want to play.

  • dabay

    I’m going with PS4 this year….went with 360 first last year so I’m going to do it the other way around this time. Already got a beast PC so it really don’t matter I guess haha

    • dabay

      *last gen i mean

  • thalazy

    All of the above. Pre-ordered both PS4 and Xboxone. Have a Wii U and a Sager Laptop. I am all set.

    • DreamWave

      Dude, how do you keep up with all of that? XD For this Generation it’s already overwhelming as it is owning a Wii U and 3DS….think about it, there’s more than just retail releases extending all the way to the massive 3DS virtual console, 3DS Ware, Wii U and WiiUWare which can all be found on the eShop. I’m in over my head! Anyways have fun man, you’re set!

  • lilmarkuk

    ps4 for me, its a true gaming console where as the xbox one is 50/50 with its tv and other features

    sony always has tons of exclusives too look at the state of the 360 and its lack of exclusives its stupid

  • Milk

    I don’t care what Microsoft says now as have they completely ruined any chance of selling me a console in the future. I wrote them off and won’t be coming back. I will probably buy a ps4 but that won’t be at release time. There’s nothing that I’m dying to play right away.

    I will stick with my beastly pc and buy a steam box when it’s available.

  • Canucklehead

    I think I will buy the console not made by Microsoft.

  • aka_scream

    I can’t decide between the ps4 or the one. My boyfriend and I are going to wait a little bit and think it over. Right now we have a pretty awesome set up, 2 360s, so we each have our own and a custom built comp that my boyfriend built himself so there really is no rush here….

  • HalloweenVic

    PS4 for sure better launch titles and all the extra features on the system are a plus and I’m team Sony considering I’ve owned all 3 PlayStation systems so just continuing the tradition lol oh and of course the new inFAMOUS game has me beyond exciting!!!

  • VictorCrowley

    It’ll be the PS4, but I won’t splurge on one until all the beta testers (aka the people who buy the system at launch) send their broken consoles in for repair and Sony releases an updated version that actually works.

    Not impressed by the launch titles either, but I’m not exactly what you’d call a modern-day gamer. I play select games that come out these days, but get more kicks from the classics.

  • DesertKa13

    I have to agree with Victor about waiting and the launch titles. Sony has had me since I was 10 and witnessed the original Resident Evil. I’ll also never forget walking down that alley and seeing that bloody gurney before being forced to let a bunch of knife wielding “children” kill me. I’ve had the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii for several years but rarely ever used the 360 cause I can’t stand having to pay for online when I can get it for free and the Wii is pretty much only used for Resident Evil and Shattered Memories. The only thing I can’t stand about the consoles is those damn exclusives. In most cases the specs can work so I feel like the “this game can only work when harnessing the power of…” is fucking stupid. Looking at you Dead Rising 3.

    Rated PG-13 for only using fuck once.

    Damn it.

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