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7 Stories You May Have Missed In This Crazy Week For Horror!



Holy sh*t does AFM make for an insane news week here at BD. Not only is this a busy time of year in general, but you’re adding into the mix an event in which hundreds of new horror titles – some big, some small, some that will never get made – are announced.

If you’re truly into all of the minutiae, feel free to enter AFM ’13 in the above search bar. But if you don’t have time, I figured I’d collect some stories you may have missed (stuff that might have been pushed off the page in a matter of hours) during this high volume week. A lot of it is AFM, but there’s also some other stuff that may have flow by you as well.

Head below to check it out.

‘Human Centipede 3’ Got A Poster And Full Cast

Tom Six’s upcoming sequel added some new art (which doesn’t reflect the film’s 500 person prison ‘pede) and added a few names to the cast.

Check it out here.

James Wan’s Next Horror Film

Even though Wan is taking a break from directing horror with Fast 7, he still found time to produce Demonic. This is a Dimension film and looks like it might be bringing us a modern take on the studio’s 90’s aesthetic.

Learn more about it here.

Vin Diesel Is Making Horror Film With The Director Of ‘The Crazies’

It’s called The Last Witch Hunter and it has the epic scope we all know Diesel loves after spending so much time getting Riddick into production.

More about it here.

‘When Animals Dream’ Looks Awesome!

Will this movie do for werewolves what Let The Right One In did for vampires? Let’s hope so. “It’s a coming-of-age horror film set in a secluded fishing village of Denmark about a young girl falling in love and discovering she is a werewolf through her mother at the same time as she gets hunted down by the villagers.

More on it here!

‘RoboCop’ Put Out A New Trailer

On any other day this would have been huge news, but it just flew right by yesterday. It looks a tad better than the first trailer, but still lacks the violence and satire I loved in the original. Still, it looks like it may have a chance at being a good film in its own right.

Here it is again. The original RoboCop was “of interest” to horror fans because of how hugely gory it was. Let’s see if this keeps the torch alive somehow.

The Best Version Of ‘Oldboy’ Might Not Be Hitting Theaters

Spike Lee’s director’s cut of Oldboy was about 3 hours long, but the version hitting theaters is 104 minutes. If you ask Brolin about the new cut he says, “I do have opinions, but it’s better to bite my tongue.” He does like the “quieter” long version though.

More here here.

‘Army Of Darkness 2’ Had A Billion Updates

Everything is sorted out and (hopefully) clarified here.