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It’s Possible There Will Be No ‘Ender’s Game’ Sequel…

Fans of the books will be incredibly disappointed to hear that the future of a sequel to Lionsgate’s Ender’s Game remains in limbo, following a solid rather than spectacular start for the sci-fi title, says Variety.

Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer said Friday during a conference call with analysts that the studio will “wait another week or two” before it decides whether to make another film based on the Orson Scott Card series of 13 novels.

He also said that an “Ender’s Game” TV spinoff was under consideration.

Ender’s Game has taken in $32.5 million in its first five days at the U.S. box office and another $9 million overseas.

Feltheimer said that the film had been performing “virtually on base” with internal expectations. The film, starring Asa Butterfield, was financed in large part by OddLot Entertainment.



  • thedragon803

    Welcome to the movie business post-Avengers…where if you don’t clear at least $100 million opening weekend your movie “under-performed.”

  • Dr. Detfink

    That’s too bad but really unsurprising.

  • AndrewSoukup24

    Who cares the movie looked like a pile of CGI shit to me….when movies go this Sci Fi it does nothing for me.

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