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5 Of The Dumbest Plans In Horror!!!

Let’s get something out of the way up front, I’m not necessarily condemning all of these movies. A few of them are great! But even great horror films are filled with characters who have ill-conceived plans (to out it mildly). Still, without the plans – there’d often be no movie!

So I come here to celebrate dumbness – not condemn it. Head below for 5 Of The Dumbest Plans In Horror!!!

Tommy Jarvis – Friday The 13th: Jason Lives

I flat out love this movie, it’s my favorite Friday The 13th. That being said, Tommy’s plan at the beginning is jaw droopingly stupid. If your entire plan is to dig up the corpse of the guy who tried to kill you just to make sure he’s dead, head directly back to the mental institution. You’re not done yet.

Mary Loomis – Psycho II

A notorious serial killer gets out of the mental hospital and your plan is to live with him and f*ck with his head? Congratulations genius! Considering everything that could have gone wrong, she got off easy by just getting shot by the cops.

Roman Bridger – Scream 3

Roman is actually a pretty smart guy in a lot of ways. After all, he’s talented enough to be the hottest young director in Hollywood. And he’s patient, I’ll give him that. His stupidity actually lives inside his predilection for convoluted plans. He goes through all that just to try to kill Sidney? I mean there’s got to be an easier way than upending all of tinseltown right? Extra dumb points are allocated here because he dragged the Scream series to its unquestionable low point.

Jack – Below Zero

Jack needs to finish his script so he locks himself away. That part’s fine. But he locks himself in a freezer. That part’s pretty f*cking stupid. The proof is sort of in the pudding with this one, since the screenwriter for this film actually locked herself in a freezer to write the script. It didn’t turn out as bad as could be expected I guess, but there’s one fatal flaw – the film still has a protagonist who locks himself in a freezer.

Zoey’s Boyfriend Henry – The Purge

Hey bro, I know you can technically kill anyone you want during “The Purge.” But, even if you hadn’t wound up dead, did you really think that was the way to your girlfriend’s heart? Killing her father before her very eyes? You’ve got a lot to learn about life, women and love sir. Congratulations on your plan!




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