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[Exclusive] Preview: ‘Swamp Thing Vol. 3: Rotworld: The Green Kingdom’

There’s no denying that Scott Snyder is one of the best writers in comics today. He’s able to take classic heroes, and rejuvenate them with fresh twists and turns, and such is exactly what a character like Swamp Thing needs. With “Rotworld”, Snyder helped to define exactly what DC’s Dark Universe is all about. Although Snyder departed from “Swamp Thing” earlier this year, his run was nothing short of epic, expanding the mythology of the character an paving the way for Charles Soule’s current work. Hitting shops on November 13th, is “Swamp Thing Vol. 3: Rotworld: The Green Kingdom”. Take a look at your exclusive preview below.

WRITTEN BY: Scott Snyder, Jeff Lemire
ART BY: Yanick Paquette, Marco Rudy, Kano, Steve Pugh
PRICE: $16.99
RELEASE: November 13th, 2013

In this volume collecting SWAMP THING #12-18 and ANIMAL MAN #12 and 17, Swamp Thing finds unlikely allies in Deadman and Poison Ivy as he ventures into Gotham City to find the man who always has all the answers: Batman. But can the Caped Crusader help Swamp Thing break Rotworld’s hold over Earth?



  • Josh

    God, the whole rotworld storyline was so overly drawn out, as evidenced by the fact that it is spread across 3 volumes of two different series. The fact of the matter is there simply wasn’t that much going on. They kept trying to build up subconflicts but then they never amounted to much “Oh no Abby is the Black Queen, its the worst thing ever!” Resolved in one issue, only to try to build up to pretty much the exact same thing later on. The whole storyline in both this and Animal Man just treads water for so long.

    Worse yet, when the Swamp Thing thread of the storyline finally reaches its climax, Yanick Paquette and even his subpar fill in artist were MIA and the whole thing is suddenly handed over to a different artist with a really lame cartoony style that neither fits the story nor the aesthetic of everything that had come before.

    Both Animal Man and Swamp Thing stories get force into a really lame “Save the damsel from the castle” plot, which after a year and half, was a terrible way to finish all of this out.

    Charles Soul has been doing so much better work with Swamp Thing since he took over.

    • Lonmonster

      You make some good points. I didn’t care much for the whole Abby thing. It was drawn out for sure, but I love the mood and getting to see the Rot take over everything was super fun. I think Snyder took some risks with the Alec, and mostly it paid off.

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