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‘The Terminator’ Hunts Young Kyle Reese, Sarah and John Connor!

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Alan Taylor is prepping to begin testing actors and actresses for the sci-fi feature project The Terminator, which is being made by Paramount, Annapurna Pictures and Skydance Productions.

The testing will begin next next week, with Taylor seeing “Game of Thrones’” Emilia Clarke, pictured above, The Spectacular Now‘s Brie Larson as well as another actress vying for the role of young Sarah Connor. Margot Robbie’s name has also surfaced in connection with the role.

Connor was played by Linda Hamilton in the classic movies directed by James Cameron. The character is the future mother of John Connor, who grows up to be the leader of the human resistance in the war between humanity and cyborgs.

The site adds that Taylor will also be searching for his young Kyle Reese, the man who will father John. Those actor tests will occur at a later date but insiders say Tron: Legacy‘s Garrett Hedlund, pictured below, is on the short list.

Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back as a Terminator robot in a time-spanning story that sees him tasked to protect Sarah Connor as she grows up.

But John Connor is also back and sources say Taylor’s wish list starts with Tom Hardy (Christopher Nolan’s memorable Bane in The Dark Knight Rises), although at this stage not even a meeting has taken place.

The latest Terminator will be the fifth installment of the storied movie series, which began in 1984 as an indie distributed by Orion. Schwarzenegger starred in all but the last one, 2009’s Terminator Salvation.

Annapurna acquired the rights to the franchise in May 2011, then teamed up with Skydance and Paramount in June, with plans to make a trilogy. The movie has a July 1, 2015 release date.



  • Wow, wasn’t expecting this for casting. Garret Hedlund as Kyle Reese is pretty damn good casting (based solely on his work from Death Sentence he could amp up a sort of despersate, unhinged intensity), and Tom frickin Hardy, Bane and Bronson himself as John Connor(pending lol). Wasn’t excited for this at all until now.

  • djblack1313

    Joshua Turney, i know, right?! this movie wasn’t even on my interest radar but with these great actors as possibilities i’m now on board! Emilia Clarke is awesome and so F’ing gorgeous! i hope she’s cast in this.

  • Raziel_cz

    Wtf? They want to make The Terminator for teenagers or somerthing? And Tom Hardy as John Connor has to be a joke!

    Only partially good choice seems to be Garrett Hedlund.

  • VictorCrowley

    Arnold coming back is a sure ticket purchase for me. Only thing that could possibly blow that is if they cast The Rock. I’ve heard something about that. If that happens I’ll definitely pass, ala Salvation with Bale.

  • yhodmxtctgtp

    I think they should cast Norman Reedus as John Connor.

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