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Did Lady Gaga Rip Off Lazerhawk With New Single?

Reddit user sgircys found a rather striking resemblance between Lady Gaga‘s latest single “Do What U Want”, which features R. Kelly, and a remix of The Legend Of Zelda‘s “Dungeon Theme” by horror-influenced synth wave artist Lazerhawk. Listening to it, the beat structure is nearly identical but the most telling sign is that the synths sound almost exactly the same.

Below you can listen to the two songs and see what you think. The beat in the Lazerhawk track starts at the 1:00 mark.

Oh, and if you haven’t yet picked up a copy of Lazerhawk’s new album Skull And Shark, you should go ahead and do that right now via Bandcamp.

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  • ChasingTheGhost


  • Kroork

    Personally I don’t hear it. But u will say I hate it when people seem to think another artist has ripped off that songs melody or drums or somthing stupid. Grow up unless someone copies ur song and covers it without permission get over yourself. The reason music is so amazing is because of inspiration and possibilities. When I was younger I use to take artists existing instrumentals and put my own original and over them. I loved how u could have identical music but totally different melodies and lyrics. There r only so many musical combinations in the world that eventually people will stumble upon a melody or drum that just happens to sound similar to a song in the past. So what. As long as the song is different and original I say GO FOR IT!

  • David

    jonathan loves him some gaga.

  • Darkness69

    This is exactly the same – give it a minute guys, like Jonathan said.

  • Spike0037

    Holy shit she did it again. I really hope she gets sued there is no way out of this. She could do the what vanilla ice did and buy the publishing rights. He under pressure. So he wouldn’t be sued.

  • Flash-Over

    The “instrument” sounds similar, but the Zelda one is monotone compared to DWUW.

    If anything, you should be nagging at the track’s producer, DJWS, rather than Gaga herself.

  • RubenVeritas

    Wow another Gaga post…. SMH

  • zombie81

    Last night I was previewing her new album on Amazon for the hell of it and thought the same thing when I heard that song (before I even saw this article). I doubt that it was an intentional rip-off of Lazerhawk though.

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