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Fleetwood Mac Singer Stevie Nicks Coming To American Horror Story

Weird yet oddly fitting news has come out that Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac) will be coming to American Horror Story, according to the show’s creator Ryan Murphy. Nicks’ role has not yet been announced but her impact on this season is known to any who watch the show. Misty Day, one of this season’s main characters, is obsessed with the singer and Murphy says that the show will use eight of Nicks’ songs throughout the course of this season.

We’ll update with more information as it comes in.

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  • djblack1313

    i completely love Stevie/Fleetwood Mac but i can’t see her being in this as anything but jarring. it’s just going to be like “oh, there’s Stevie Nicks cameoing in COVEN” as opposed to her playing and becoming a character.

    i hope i’m wrong (again, i love Stevie so much) but this has potential UBER-cheese written all over it.

  • ChasingTheGhost

    Coven just keeps getting better and better.

  • Spike0037

    Well remember Fiona killed the old Supreme in 1971. I think Misty Day brought her back and that will is the person under the hood and will be played by Stevie Nicks.

    • Spike0037

      Let me try to say that again in English. ( Well remember Fiona killed the old Supreme in 1971.I think Misty Day may have brought her back to life and she is the one under the hood that blinded Cordelia Foxx and it will be played by Stevie Nicks.) I hope that sounded better.

      • David

        great idea but we’ll find out in episode ten. details are online now who she plays… herself. go figure. i like your idea about misty bringing back the old supreme. if this is the case, and with myrtle brought back now, it makes me think misty has plans against fiona.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Amazing news! I love her so much.

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