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This Generation’s 10 Greatest Horror Expansions!

I feel like Sleeping Dogs deserves way more attention than it received. It’s a fantastic game set in the vibrant and colorful city of Hong Kong — a sadly underutilized setting for a video game — and has some of the most satisfying driving and combat systems I’ve ever had the pleasure of using in a video game. But this isn’t about Sleeping Dogs, it’s about its Chinese horror themed expansion, Nightmare in North Point.

The DLC transforms one of the city’s districts, North Point, into an eerier version of itself, where everything is soaked and surrounded in this ominous blue color. Everything has a creepy blue hue to it, even the Chinese vampires — which were admittedly a little silly when I first one hopping toward me. It’s a great expansion that doesn’t take itself seriously, and it’s another great example of a developer injecting a bit of horror into their non-horror game. I love it when developers are willing to have a little fun with their games.

Speaking of which, the next three expansions do just that. Borderlands is a fun game, but it’s anything but scary. That doesn’t really change with The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, but it does get significantly more Halloween-y. A bunch of creative new enemies, quests, weapons, all drenched in that fantastic Gearbox sense of humor and capped off by an epic boss battle in a sea of blood.

This is easily my favorite DLC of the series, and that’s saying something.

Of all the items on this list, this may be my favorite. It’s standalone, so you don’t need to own Infamous to play it (though if you haven’t spent some time with that series, it’s also great). I’m especially fond of its take on the idea of Halloween and how turns it into something unique, yet familiar: Pyre Night.

Pyre Night is New Marais’ infinitely cooler version of Halloween. This city takes the holiday very seriously, and that’s immediately apparent when you realize the entire city is essentially one giant party, filled with fireworks, drunk people, parades, giant devil head floats and all the debauchery one can handle. It’s Halloween on steroids and it provides the perfect backdrop for the expansion’s storyline, which has Cole — the superpowered antihero played by you — hunting down vampires as he tries to find the illusive Bloody Mary. You’re also gifted with a brand new suite of abilities, including flight — a first for the series.

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    Great article, Adam! I’m so glad you included so many of my favorite games, like inFamous, Left 4 Dead and Alan Wake. And I’m with you on Resident Evil 5. That game is the reason I’ve been best friends with a guy across the ocean from me for 4 years! It may have taken us over 6 months to get through that *Ahem* “short” campaign, being that our schedules were hard to match up and, when we finally did, we would sometimes forget all about RE5 and dive into a game of Left 4 Dead, but it was an amazing game for making friends. 😀

  • Sick_skwerl

    I loved the Call of the Dead (and I’ve never even played an actual Call of Duty campaign or co-op haha). But playing as Robert Englund, shredding zombies is so incredibly awesome!