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Giant Wasps Create Havoc In New ‘Stung’ Stills!

Check out an awesome new batch of stills from Rat Pack Filmproduction and XYZ Films’ hot anticipated Stung!!

Matt O’Leary (Frailty, Death Sentence), Jessica Cook, Peter Stormare and Lance Henriksen (Aliens) all star in the horror comedy for sale at this week’s AFM in Santa Monica, CA.

Adam Aresty wrote the screenplay: “A fancy garden party goes terribly wrong after a local species of wasps mutate into giant predators. It’s up to Paul and Julia, two catering staffers at the high-society event, to stop the killer creatures – an effort that kickstarts a budding romance between the two.

Benni Diez will direct and Christian Becker and Benjamin Munz of Munich and Berlin-based Rat Pack Filmproduction produce the story of a two catering staff at a fancy garden party who battle a mutated species of wasp.



  • STRIK9

    That video clip worked for me, so I’m in.

  • weresmurf

    Holy hot shit damn that was AWESOME. Even the CGI work for the wasps works incredibly well. Looking forward to this in a *big* way 😀 Hope DjBlack sees this clip 😀

    • djblack1313

      weresmurf, LOL. i’m definitely on board for this movie!! 🙂
      this clip and it’s accompanying details/announcement of the movie was posted on this site (from what i remember) over a week ago and i definitely think it looks like a lot of fun! i’m in. 🙂

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