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Funny Or Die Presents ‘The Animated Tales Of GWAR’

Your favorite scum dogs of the universe, GWAR, are now immortalized in a Funny Or Die animated video entitled, appropriately enough, “The Animated Tales Of GWAR”! The sketch was two years in the making by animators Myke Chillian and Tommy Meehan and also features guest work by Weird Al Yankovic.

Chillian describes the show: “Lead singer Oderus Urungus loses his murderous-mojo prompting the rest of the band to embark on an Antarctic quest for the cure. Weird Al Yankovic guest stars.

Oderus Urungus, who is as negative as ever, states, “I hate cartoons…cartoons are for kids, and kids are strictly for eating. But I just might have to back up a little and say that this is the greatest cartoon ever, even if I still hate it, just because it’s about US.

Watch the video below!

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  • CTHL

    I must side with Oderus… it wasn’t very good, yet its great just for being related and having to do with GWAR. I preferred Codename Kids Next Door’s GWAR tribute (and I hate that show too!).

    Also, Oderus does much worse things to kids than eating, what a liar!

  • sillylung1192

    That was awesome. I hope that they make more so I can see what Weird Al does to get his revenge.

  • Voorhees83

    I could see myself watching that all the time if it was a regular cartoon on a network.

    • sillylung1192

      Me too, I would give money to a kickstarter to have this be a weekly show on adult swim or something of the sort

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