An Absolutely Disgusting NSWF Clip From 'Coyote' - Bloody Disgusting!

An Absolutely Disgusting NSWF Clip From ‘Coyote’

Directed by Trevor Juenger, and starring Bill Oberst Jr., Joe Hammerstone, Victoria Mullen, we have the first clip from the arthouse horror Coyote.

Oberst Jr. calls St. Louis’ Juenger a “Lynch/Cronenberg-esque young director.”

Oberst Jr. stars as “an insomniac writer’s sleep-deprived hallucinations distort reality as paranoia drives him to extreme violence.

The surreal shocker, which mixes arthouse and horror, is shopping for distribution and it’s first public screenings have elicited strong reaction.“


  • flesheater24

    WTF damn that was painful. I must see this flick looks insane.

  • torsch

    that was fucking excellent and it’s a must see ;p

  • oneofthosedeadfckers

    this looks terrible.

  • j.c

    This was screened at a St. Louis con I was at and I missed it. Kind of wish I had got there in time to see it.

  • TheWalkingFlat

    WTF a DICK-Knife ? Thats not cool – he will not get girls with that

  • Evan3

    Over the top much?