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[TV] “The Walking Dead” Spinoff Could Be A Prequel

Since AMC officially announced plans for a spinoff to “The Walking Dead”, speculation has run ramped as to what they’ll do with the new series. For one, they need a brand new writing staff, and better actors (especially considering how good the characters are in the Robert Kirkman comic).

According to TVLine there’s increasing buzz that the offshoot will be a prequel of sorts, one that would chronicle the early days of the epidemic and the effort to contain it. This seems like the obvious choice, although that would make me wonder what the “end game” would be (what’s the overall arc?)

In addition, IGN caught up with series creator Robert Kirkman, who reveals some early insight into what we may see in the new series he promises won’t be “selling out”.

It’s a really different location with completely different people, so we are going to see an entirely different corner of the ‘Walking Dead’ world,” Kirkman explains. “It definitely won’t be set in Georgia, I can at least say that.

It’s important to us that this show exists on its own. The spinoff has to be a show worthy of existing, or else we’ve all sold out. So that’s something we’re all working hard towards doing, and I think we can pull it off. I think that the ideal situation is, when you’re watching the spinoff, you’re like, “Wow, this is a really awesome show.” The whole other show doesn’t need to exist for this show to be cool and stand on its own.

He’s 100% correct and in the right mindset, especially if they internally acknowledge the huge misstep they’ve made with “The Walking Dead”. Personally, I’d love a new zombie series, with a new theme, a new location, and new actors. But more than anything I want to see an entirely new showrunner and writing staff – I want a fresh start, instead of one already rotting from the inside (see what I did there?).

AMC is eying a 2015 launch for the show.



  • Lion7718

    Great, now we get The Walking Dead Miami or TWD NY…lol

    • huntermc

      TWD:SZU (The Walking Dead: Special Zombie Unit)

  • Vadicta

    Most movies can’t make the effort to contain a zombie outbreak compelling for more than two hours–I doubt it’ll do much better on TV. I think this is really the last way they should go with it. You built this word; why not use it to tell better stories?

    I don’t want to see something I’ve seen done a thousand times before.

  • Rendrogy

    I’m optimistic about this. A new setting would be a blessing after this aimless Georgia nonsense. The zombies are great. The “heroes” are not. Earth needs a better zombie show!

  • djblack1313

    Mr.D, what is this big “misstep” you are referring to in your article?

    i’m all for this new spin off show. i’ll be fine with a prequel or just a show set in a different location w/ different characters. i’m really enjoying season 4 thus far, so count me in for this new show.

    • mfcmk1

      I don’t know what he’s talking about either, the show has been great especially these last two seasons. Seems like almost every time there is an article written by MrD he’s always got something negative to say about the show. Maybe he can write an article about everything wrong with it and what it should be instead so that we understand why he dislikes it so much.

    • BaSH PR0MPT

      I too came here to query the ‘misstep’ (let alone the implication of the term, but also the contextually absurd term chosen in and of itself which is more telling of his attitude towards the stereotype of TWD.

      The narrative has dragged on a fair bit, but the whole Governor part of the comic series was absolutely unbearably long winded and counter productive. In an attempt to stay true to the comic they are clearly depicting the boring drawn out anti-climactic Governor series flawlessly. 😉

      I do hope that the spin-off focuses more on survival aspects than tl;dr boring ‘oh the humanity’ narratives. Like Survivors, or The Colony.

  • Necrogeddon666

    “Better actors.” Pfft. Ok. Douche.

  • macguffin54

    If you don’t like Walkind Dead I nearby release you from reporting on it at all. Seriously, there is nothing wrong with the show and if you don’t like it that’s too bad. It’s fucking annoying coming here to read news articles about the show only to have to read your snarky comments. I know there are other people who write for this site who don’t share your negative attitude. Let them write these articles if you don’t know how to be objective (let alone have any true ability to judge quality without just blindly criticizing things like a troll.)

    • mfcmk1


    • huntermc

      I think the show does fairly deserve some criticism – mainly to do with pacing and staying in the same location (the farmhouse, and now the prison) for too long. But the actors are great, and they’re not afraid to shake things up by killing off some of the core characters.

      • BaSH PR0MPT

        And sound (sploosh-splodge-splash from one stab), the sound techs need to be fired, it’s atrocious how out of sync the effects are, how OTT and louder than everything else and unrealistic they are. Many special effects are OTT too, like the frame rate slow down (or ‘dummy switch’) at the last second when they stab a zombie in the face artificially slow, come on if they mastered dummy switches in the 50’s in Hollywood wtf are you guys doing?

        I’m sick of millennials constantly bawwing the second someone dares express a critical opinion! Without critical views things never get better, your kindergarten and primary school teachers (and TV) did you a disservice by convincing you the way the world works is the touchy feely nonsense you currently hold to be true.

        There are no free passes just because of content, actors, ‘they tried really hard,’ etc. and people with a critical opinion have just as much a right to–if not moreso–voice their views as you do; could you imagine if someone told you to arbitrarily shut up because you’re a sycophantic fanboy who wants to suck the production teams off around the back of the caravans therefore your points are moot so you should stop posting?

        Well guess what. I think I just did. 😉

  • Vampire_Mistress

    I honestly think that you need to hire someone else to write about The Walking Dead. For those of us, who love the series its getting pretty tiring to read how much you dont like it and how much the actors suck…well sorry to tell you but the actors are great, the story is great and the zombies are awesome. For those who like to call it a soap opera….guess what..the world is ending, feelings are at an all time high, so you are going to get frustration, anger, depression and sex….stop HATING and let those of us enjoy it. Get a new writer who actually likes the series!

    I would like a prequel but how would that work really….I mean when Rick first found Laurie…that was what…two weeks? I dont think there is enough story to do a prequel but thats why I am not a writer lol….

    • BaSH PR0MPT

      It’s not ‘HATING’ (although kudos on the petulent tantrum chucking post and capslocking of hating) it’s merely having a critical opinion of something; an opinion that takes more effort to formulate than that of a blind ignorant sycophantic fangirl sensationalizing and overreacting in defense of her favorite TV show like an angry little toddler.

  • Taboo

    Somebody needs to get rid of this guy…

  • ChiNyC

    wtf are you talking bout disgusting. The Walking Dead is one of the best shows on tv. Grant it some of the actors are annoying but most are good at their roles and this season has been exciting thus far. You obviously don’t give a shit about the show so stop writing articles about it. Biased goof

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