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With the holiday season upon us, let us not forget the aural treats that lurk around every corner! There are a plethora of awesome music releases that you should be keeping an eye on for the music lover amongst your circle of friends/family. Hell, maybe you just want to get some awesome new tunes just for yourself! If that’s the case, then look no further as we at BD are here with some suggestions to get your MP3 player packed to the brim with awesome new tunes! Head on down to see what we culled from this year!


Devin TownsendRetinal Circus

$19.50 – Purchase Here

C’mon guys, it’s Devin freakin’ Townsend! This live DVD is batsh!t insane and features one of the most innovative stage productions I’ve seen. It’s also pretty amazing to see the documentary which explains how last-minute the whole thing was. If you want to know more about it, head on over to my review.

Russian Circles – Memorial

$9.99 – Purchase Digitally Here or Purchase Physically Here

Chicago instrumental post-rockers Russian Circles have returned with one of their most intense, beautiful albums to date. Heavily influenced by the cold, icy landscapes of the black metal genre, this album is still permeated with lush melodies and dynamic tonal changes. Bonus: fantastic singer/songwriter Chelsea Wolfe guest appears on the album.

LazerhawkSkull And Shark

$12.99 – Purchase Here

For fans of 80’s horror synth, you need look no further than Skull And Shark for one of the greatest releases of 2013. Lazerhawk takes all the tropes and tones that made the 80’s horror scene so iconic and deliciously weaves them together into something that any genre fan can get behind.

Day Of The Dead Vinyl OST Reissue

$34 – Purchase Here

Completely remastered from the original master tapes. Liner notes from composer John Harrison and director George A. Romero. An 11×22 poster included. It’s all right here, everything you could possibly want from a reissue. If all that hasn’t convinced you yet that this is the definitive version of the Day Of The Dead soundtrack, then I’m simply at a loss for words.

Halloween Vinyl OST

$30 – Purchase Here

HOW IS THIS NOT SOLD OUT YET?!?! Sure, we’ve all heard Carpenter’s iconic score for this film probably thousands of times by now. But hearing it on brand new vinyl is an experience in and of itself. Do yourself a favor and get this, either for yourself or for the Halloween fan in your life.

Heaven’s Basement – Filthy Empire

$9.99 – Purchase Here

In my review of this album, I called Heaven’s Basement, “…the new Guns N’ Roses of the 21st century,” and that’s a statement that I wholly stand behind. These guys offer balls-to-the-wall hard rock with unrestrained enthusiasm and a kick ass attitude. Definitely one of the most infectious albums this year and it also benefits from having absolutely zero filler tracks. Every song is killer!

Last House On The Left Vinyl OST Reissue

€20.00 – Purchase Here

This is for our European readers. One Way Static Records has released the definitive reissue for Wes Craven’s classic rape-revenge thriller Last House On The Left, which was composed by David Hess (who also played the villainous Krug). Limited to only 1,400 copies, the vinyl comes packed with liner notes from some of the biggest film/TV composers around.

Maniac Vinyl OST

£21.00 – Purchase Here

Again, this option goes out to our amazing readers across the pond. Composer Rob‘s synth heavy score has been lauded as one of the best offerings this year. Very much influenced by 70’s and 80’s horror films, this score adds depth and excitement to an already fantastic film. Keep in mind that as of writing this post there are only 89 out of 500 copies left!

Check out this awesome feature on the film’s music here.

Nine Inch Nails – Hesitation Marks

Various Prices – Purchase Here

This one disappointed a lot of us when it came out in September. But, you know what? It’s a grower! I still don’t like “Everything” all that much but it’s a perfect gift for any NIN completists in your family that don’t already have it.” ~ ED

Nirvana – In Utero: 20th Anniversary Reissue

Purchase CD Box Here or Purchase Vinyl Here

The big box of this is expensive as f*ck but it’s worth it to see the smile on the face of whomever you buy it for. Not only does it have the original album remastered, it also has brand new mixes of each song overseen by Steve Albini. For this reason alone I’m going to link you to the CD and vinyl versions of the product only. This album sounds too good to be disgraced by the MP3 format. The Vinyl sounds better, but the CD boxed set comes with a LOT of extras, including a full live show and a beautiful book.” ~ ED

And now I turn to you, the lovely readers! Is there anything on here that we’re missing? Some album that we desperately need to check out? Let us know in the comments!



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