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Nightwish Release Pro-Shot Live Performance Of “Ghost Love Score”

Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish is in full swing promoting their upcoming live DVD Showtime, Storytime, which comes out December 10th in N. America (pre-order here). To celebrate the upcoming release the band has released the concert version of “Ghost Love Score”, which comes from their 2004 album Once, the last album to feature original singer Tarja Turunen. Check out the video below.

Showtime, Storytime was recorded at this year’s Wacken Open Air festival and saw the band performing in front of over 80,000 fans. The 2014 Wacken Open Air festival went on sale in August and sold out in less than 48 hours.



  • Taboo

    I’ve always been a casual NW fan, but now that Floor Jansen is the new lead vocalist I might have to rethink that. NW has now become a much more heavier and epic band. She is the ultimate metal goddess.

    • Cezseldher

      “She is the ultimate metal goddess”. I’m SO happy I’m not alone loving this woman so hard. I have to be honest, tho, that because of my big love for her talent and her work (especially this, I loved After Forever and I love ReVamp now), I’m still a little bit unsure about how will fit ReVamp and NW in her live now. But, she is a professional, and I know that she knows what she is doing, so, I’m hoping we all can get many years of NW with Floor and ReVamp as well 😀

  • Cezseldher

    I’ve this video already in my iPod. I’m not even sorry. After seen this one, actually, I’m 100% sold: Guess who is getting the DVD, yep, right, me. I will be poor, probably, after spending so much money this year on albums and stuff, but, oh well, who cares? I really wish her, and NW, the best on this new journey.

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