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Scream Factory Announces ‘Gingers Snaps’ and ‘Dog Soldiers’ Collector’s Editions!!

Good werewolf movies are rare. In fact, I think I can count on my one hand the ones I like. Outside of American Werewolf in London, I could easily argue that John Fawcett’s Ginger Snaps is my second fav, and I’ve always wondered if we’d ever get a Blu-ray release.

Thanks to Scream Factory, they’ll be brining us Collector’s Editions of both Ginger Snaps and Neil Marshall’s Dog Soldiers to Blu-ray in 2014. No details have been released yet, but based on their previous releases, we should all be extremely excited.

In the 2000 Snaps, which starred Katherine Isabelle, “two death-obsessed sisters, outcasts in their suburban neighborhood, must deal with the tragic consequences when one of them is bitten by a deadly werewolf.

In the 2002 Dog Soldiers, “a military exercise that went awry when a pack of werewolves get involved.

I actually really enjoy the entire Snaps trilogy and hope we get a three-pack in the future.



  • ChasingTheGhost

    Waited FOREVER for this. I hope all 3 GS movies will get the treatment.

  • Lion7718

    Dog Soldiers is a damn good movie, and GS is pretty good too.

    Since you mentioned American Werewolf In London…It might just be me, but I’ve never really cared for this movie.

  • David

    i miss the days when werewolves weren’t cgi dogs.

  • wow between these announcements and the “never sleep again” elm street documentary getting a blu-ray treatment 2014 is shaping up pretty well for horror. hopefully they’ll be some news soon on the cabal cut.

    i saw ginger snaps for the first time this year as part of my amc fearfest/halloween specials recording on my dvr and i have to say it was the surprise hit last october for me. it just goes to show you can tell an interesting teenage horror story without twilight melodrama or jennifer’s body stupidity.

    i enjoyed dog soldiers when i saw it years ago. when i read a critic’s comparison as “predators meets night of the living dead” with werewolves, i just rolled my eyes at the cheesy tagline, but this is a rare occurrence where the film really lives up to the tagline

  • blake3371

    This is awesome! I think both films were pretty genre-defining for the time, making way for the shittier Cursed and the like.

    Ginger Snaps is probably my all-time favorite lycanthropy movie, outside of the classics. Even still, this was probably Katharine Isabelle’s best performance until she starred in American Mary. Really hoping we’ll see the Ginger Snaps trilogy land some time in the future.

    Dog Soldiers was also quite the gem of a film. I loved how it wasn’t much of a werewolf movie — more of a ‘military’ movie with werewolves. I thought it was brilliant. Too bad the sequel(Fresh Meat) got canned.

  • blake3371

    Actually.. Guess I needed to do some fact-checking before I said the Dog Soldiers sequel was canned. IMDB mentions a 2014 release. Nice!

  • ThunderDragoon

    Ginger Snaps is my favorite werewolf movie so I’ll definitely be getting this.

  • looselimbs83

    Funny I recently did a review of the werewolf genre, here it is…

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