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[TV] Play Golf With The Governor As You Wait For The Next “Walking Dead” Episode

The Governor came back in last night’s episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” and it looks like he’ll certainly be sticking around for episode 4.07, “Dead Weight”, “Something new unfolds at a camp outside the prison; the addition of new members may threaten peace.

Check out a few shots of him below.

Directed by Jeremy Podeswa, the Curtis Gwinn-penned episode airs Sunday, November 24, 2013.

The Governor made his much anticipated return tonight, did it live up to expectations? What do you want to see in the coming episode?



  • wildgator25

    EVAN? EVAN F’N DICKSON?? Doing a Walking Dead write up?? FUCKING AWESOME. Now, maybe we can get a recap that isn’t biased straight out of the gate.

    Onto the episode, I actually found it to be quite entertaining. Being as I read The Rise of the Governor, it was easy to understand who the characters were in this episode. Although it was bass-ackwards from the novel to the TV, it is still understandable and I can see where they may be going with this. It is going to be difficult for Phillip to explain why he gave the name “Brian” to Lily, Tara, and Megan.

    {I don’t think I’m spoiling anything, but the Governor was originally named Brian Blake, and his brother was Phillip (a real tough son of a bitch!). Brian took Phillip’s name after he was killed.}

    After all is said and done though, I am looking forward to seeing more of the Governor’s exploits. This is how the comics are, moving back and forth between “camps”, and I’m glad to see this different arc and how it will develop. I think I know where it is going though and if so, will be fucking awesome!

    • theodds22

      I know, right? No more TWD bashing from Mr. D lol

      Happy birthday, @EvanDickson! 🙂

  • joeshmo447

    One of my favorite episodes of this season! I never was a huge fan of the governor but this episode made me love him and feel for him.

  • KorovaMilkbar

    love to hate the governor. the character definitely brings a lot to the show, even if it is chaos and destruction.

  • Milk

    I am so sick of the governor. I was hoping last season was the end of him. This episode was so boring I had to watch it in parts because I couldn’t stand it.

    • K-Dogg

      Here here !!!!! AGREED.

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