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Cool Short ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ Asks What Happens When You’re Not Quite Apocalypse Material

UK production outfit Not So Lovely Films has launched their short My Brother’s Keeper (Or How Not To Survive The Apocalypse) online following a worldwide festival run that saw writer and director Jen Moss receive the best writer and director award at the Viscera Film Festival. The short stars April Pearson and Alex Esmail and is quite good. Esmail’s character isn’t quite cut out for the hellish landscape and the dynamic between him and Pearson is both touching and funny.

It’s the end of the world, humanity is under threat and hope is fading fast. It can’t get much worse…unless you’re Jess. Holed up with her well-meaning but dim-witted brother, Jo, Jess isn’t sure what will destroy her will to live first: the zombies or Jo’s incessant optimism.  Like they say, you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose who you survive the apocalypse with.

Check it out below!

My Brother’s Keeper (Or How Not To Survive The Apocalypse) from Jen Moss on Vimeo.



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