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Trailer For ‘Machete Kills Again’ Takes Off In Space As ‘Machete Kills’ Ends Woeful Theatrical Run…

Box Office Mojo took note that Open Road’s Machete Kills ended its theatrical run after just 5 weeks, barely scraping $8M out of the box office.

After opening to just $5M, the sequel to Machete dropped 66% before tanking further with another 77% drop.

Even the boost of Lady Gaga and Sofia Vergara made no difference, which in coincidence could be related to TheWrap reporting that Gaga’s “Artpop” lost Interscope a whopping $25M. How quickly stars become irrelevant…

Coupled with mostly negative reviews, the shocking failure of Machete Kills has left a huge question mark for the promised end of the trilogy, Machete Kills Again…In Space.

Speaking of, the faux trailer for Machete Kills Again…In Space played in theaters with Machete Kills. The Robert Rodriguez-directed tease has leaked online, and can now be viewed below.

Personally, I’m still excited to see Kills and welcome a third film in space, especially if there’s a lightsaber-machete!

  • I_chose_the_impossible

    “Even the boost of Lady Gaga and Sofia Vergara made no difference, which in coincidence could be related to TheWrap reporting that Gaga’s “Artpop” lost Interscope a whopping $25M. How quickly stars become irrelevant…”

    lol, that story originated from the examiner and was clearly wrote with bias. The majority of “Sabrina O’Connors” 9 pages of articles are negative/false stories about Gaga

  • K-Dogg

    Please Mr. Rodriguez, spend your time on bigger and better things. Far too talented to be churning out this crap. And I dug the first one, but the sequel sucked.

    • Lonmonster


  • AndrewSoukup24

    Once again I thought Machete was a good film personally. I have a few friends who didn’t like it and my gf hasn’t seen it and that is the only reason I didn’t go check it out in the theater. I will def see it when its released on DVD and I hope they do release the third film to finish the series.

  • djblack1313

    i just watched this a couple of days ago and i was kinda bummed (but not totally surprised) that the movie was bad. not GOOD bad, like the first MACHETE but bad bad. not even Michelle Rodriguez (who i love) could make it enjoyable. then the whole going into space then happened and…blech.

    i guess i was expecting something at least as good/enjoyable as the first film or better yet something as good/enjoyable as PLANET TERROR.

  • MovieGeek

    The first film was far more enjoyable. I somewhat liked this one but it had the potential to be far more entertaining.

  • Evil_Flip

    I actually really liked this one while the first one fell flat for me. It’s also the only (non kiddy) Rodriguez movie I still haven’t picked up.

  • brianunfried

    I may have been able to tollerate Machete Kills if it wasn’t filled with Asylum quality CGI. Every shot was full of terrible CGI blood, stunts, gore, explosions, gun fire, etc. Machete should have stayed a trailer.


    Lady Gaga has been ripping off music, costumes and dance routines for about a decade now. She has no talent.

  • Fro$ty

    ugh this looks like real shit. not like “hey this looks good, but I know its shit”. Just shit. Machete was good fun, but it should have never gotten a sequel. I mean ill still watch it, but the fact that it has shitty cgi gore? come on, you gotta use prosthetics and shit rodriguez! have a little fun, jeez. CGI kills a lot of movies that would be much better without it IMO

  • MadJester

    I thought the only good thing in the movie was mel gibson, he really did an awesome job acting(?) like a psycho. He was perfect for that roll

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