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[TV] Colin Wilson’s “Space Vampires” Becomes “Lifeforce” Series!

Beverly Hills-based Ringleader Studios (The Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes) has acquired rights to adapt Colin Wilson’s 1976 novel “The Space Vampires” for television.

Deadline reports that the intergalactic sci-fi tale previously got the feature film treatment in Tobe Hooper’s 1985 pic Lifeforce, starring Steve Railsback, Patrick Stewart, and Mathilda May.

Ringleader is plotting a small-screen episodic series, also titled “Lifeforce,” as well as a graphic novel, video game, and additional media tie-ins.

The plot follows a group of astronauts who discover a derelict spaceship and return to Earth with three humanoid aliens that unleash a life-sucking plague upon humanity.



  • Mr.Mudd

    Lifeforce remains one of my biggest guilty pleasures of all time. I remember seeing an early ad in Variety that Cannon Films had taken out while it was still being called Space Vampires. It was totally cheesy but so amazing at the same time (for a 15 year old kid anyway). I’ll definitely give this show a chance when it airs. It’ll be interesting if they try and go for straight up sci-fi/horror drama and pull it off. I don’t think you can intentionally try and recreate the OTT campfest that Lifeforce was. That kind of batshit craziness just happens.

  • Mr.Mudd

    Here’s a link to a great “Space Vampire” poster.

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