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[TV] Fan Completely Rewrites “Dexter” Series Finale!

Being a “Dexter” sympathizer since day one, the final season must have been terrible for me to turn against it. In fact, just like “Lost”, I’m still not over it.

Neither was YouTube user Fibr3Optix, apparently, as he shared his personal vision for the final season of Showtime’s serial killer drama.

Obviously, there’s no right answer as to what should have happened, but when a fan describes something wholly more interesting than what a team of highly paid television writers put together, well, that’s alarming.

I just wish he found a way to toss in a dig at the atrocious Vince Masuka arc involving his daughter. I want to punch that arc in the face over and over again.



  • ThunderDragoon

    Perfect. I wish it happened like this. Of course, in my version, I would’ve left Zach alive so that he could continue his work in Miami.

  • weresmurf

    This is almost perfect. If they wont let Dexter die then this is EXACTLY how it should have panned out. For me this will always be how it happened 🙂

  • reycarpio1031

    Hey MrDisgusting! I’d appreciate if you’d check out my in-depth episode by episode breakdown of how the final season should have gone here:

    Just to hear your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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