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Want To See A $30k Sequel To ‘Don’t Look in the Basement’?



Fan of S.F. Brownrigg’s Don’t Look in the Basement (aka The Forgotten)?

His son, Anthony Brownrigg, director of award winning “Red Victoria,” is stepping in for a true down to the ground indie production of the sequel.

But he needs your money. And not a lot of it. He’s launched an indiegogo for $30,000 to get id off the ground.

id will pick up the story of Sam after the end of the first film, 40 years later. After Sam is moved to a new asylum in 2013, strange things begin happening there to the patients as well as the doctors. One doctor must find out what’s causing everyone go delve even deeper into insanity before it overcomes him as well.

There’s confirmed a special cameo by Camilla Carr with the location for the film being the same house as the original.


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