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“The Walking Dead’s” Norman Reedus Targeted For ‘The Crow’?

Schmoes Know is prematurely reporting that Norman Reedus is the top choice for “James” in Relativity’s The Crow reboot.

They also feel the need to share some unnecessary news that could be damaging, stating that Kristen Stewart was originally eyed for “Shelley” until the producers and studio “shied away from the idea after hearing that she wouldn’t attract an audience.”

None of this is real news as we can give you a laundry list of people the producers “want” to send an offer to. And having interest in a specific actor is a step backwards from actually making an offer, also noting that they’d have to accept the offer to become attached. To say this news is premature is an understatement.

Luke Evans plays man brutally murdered comes back to life as an undead avenger of his and his fiancée’s murder.



  • Brias411

    I’ve read the Crow a bunch of times and I don’t remember any James, and isn’t Kristian Stewart or anybody in her age range a little too old to be playing the ten or eleven year old Shelly. Looks like another train wreck is on it’s way.

    • Brias411

      Yeah that would be Shelly and not Sherri. My bad.

  • SaturdayThe14th

    The original was amazing although a little different from the comic. I’m pretty sure this will suck. I don’t see myself going to see this movie.

  • Zombi215

    looks like a good choice to play the crow. btw shelly is the girlfriend, sarah’s the young girl

    • Brias411

      Sarah was only the young girl in the movie, and her role was completely padded from the comics.

  • devilmaycry26

    lets see. the right idea would be. just make a 5th film. instead of remaking the 1st. or remake the 2nd and 4th film. i see this film maybe going straight to dvd. either way i wouldn’t bother with it. since the 1st/ original will always be the one fans are gonna rather watch

  • SonOfVoorhees

    The thing that annoyed me about the sequels is they keep the Crow makeup. In the original he painted his face white and black to look like the mask he shared with his girlfriend. Fact they gave the sequel Crows the same makeup is stupid.

    Personally, they should skip this remake and base the movie on the new Crow comic written by Barr himself.

  • Lefty-Jones

    You guys are a bunch of haters and hypocrites. You crack at the shmoes for reporting the scoop, yet you post it and you tend to forget they posted a few stories last week and all were confirmed. I like you guys a lot but don’t be the spoiled kids who don’t like new kids eating their candy.

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